History Headstones: Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall

Richard, the 1st Earl of Cornwall, was born on 5 January 1209 at Winchester Castle and named in honour of his uncle King Richard the Lionheart by his parents King John and Isabella of Angouleme, His father died when he was six years old, and his older brother succeeded to the throne. From 1225 when […]

Charles in The Clink

The Duke of Cornwall visited HM Dartmoor Prison to learn about the Prison Choir Project and listened to a brief performance by its participants. Opera singer Adam Green founded the Prison Choir Project, which strives to rehabilitate prisoners, ex-offenders and people dealing with mental disorder through the study and performance of opera, song, and choral […]

The Triple C: Charles, Cornwall and Church

The Duke of Cornwall spent the day in the Southwest on a variety of engagements. Prince Charles began his day with a visit to the Royal Cornwall Museum to mark its bicentenary year. Royal Cornwall Museum houses everything, Cornwall. From its rich history and its cultural heritage, the museum also houses a diverse collection of […]